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We Guarantee the Authenticity of Each Autograph

Sean Schemmel Signed Lucario #856 Pokemon Funko Pop!


– Hand Signed by Sean Schemmel
– Lucario #856 Pokemon Funko POP!
– Radtke Sports SmarTag Powered by Prova Technology
– Picture of sean from the signing

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A Lucario #856 Pokemon Funko Pop! hand Signed by Sean Schemmel. The item and signature are in excellent condition. Sean is an American voice actor, who has voiced many characters including Goku Black and King Kai from Dragon Ball, Lucario from Pokemon, and Hatchan from OnePeice. AUTHENTICATION: Your item is tagged with a Radtke Sports SmarTag powered by Prova Technology, which gives you digital access to your items authentication records, which includes a proof picture from the signing. *** Radtke Sports uses professional lighting for our product images that may show reflections. We also feature watermarks on our proof pictures. The picture you see in your authentication records will NOT have a watermark. ***